New Dictionary Creation and updation

student ={'john':50,'Tom':60,'Nina':82}
print 'First Time:',student
print 'First Time:',newstudent
print 'Second Time:',newstudent
print 'Second Time:',student

online compiler used

Transpose of a matrix (nested list) in python

row1 = [13,25,73]
row2 = [54,95,36]
row3 = [27,98,19]

matrix = [row1, row2, row3]
trmatrix = [[row[0] for row in matrix],[row[1] for row in matrix],  [row[2] for row in matrix]]
print'Transpose of a matrix',trmatrix


Manipulation the Dictionary

d={10: 'iprg' , 22: 'Nan', 33:'Kool',8: 'Jool','y': 89,'tt':'toy',7:90 }
for i in d:                                
  print i,d[i]    # printing all the values in Dictionary          
print '\n'
print d[8]  #printing values of the individual keys
print '\n'
print d['y']  #printing values of the individual keys
print '\n'
print d[7]  #printing values of the individual keys
print '\n'
d[33]='hello world'  #updating the key 33 with new value
d[22]='pythonforengineers'   #updating the key 22 with new value
for i in d:                                
  print i,d[i]    # printing all the updated values in Dictionary    
del d[10]     # deleting key:value pair using key value -> 10
print'\n Dictionary after deleting a value:\n', d
d.clear()   #clearing all values
print '\n Dictionary after clearing all values:', d
del d   # Removing the Dictionary
  print d
  print 'Some error has occurred'

Creating a dictionary and traversing

d={10: 'iprg' , 22: 'Nan', 33:'Kool',8: 'Jool' } # Creating a dictionary with key: value pair

for i in d:                                     # Here key and the vaule can be any type.
  print i,d[i]                                  # Accessing elements in the dictionary

# Order in which they display is also different in output

print d.keys()  # print all keys in a dictionary

print d.values()  # print all values in a dictionary

Tuples Manipulation

      l=['Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday']
      print 'List :',l
      tup1 = tuple(l) #Converts a list into tuple
      #Adding two Tuples
      print 'New added tuple :',tup
      print 'New multiplyed tuple:',ntup
      print 'The tuple with max value:',p
      print 'The tuple with min value:',p1
      #Compares elements of both tuples and same return 0 otherwise -1
      print k
      #Delete Tuple
      del tup
      print tup
      print 'Tuple does not exist'