Python program to find day of birth

import datetime
y = input("Enter year of Birth: ");
m = input("Enter month of Birth: ");
d = input("Enter date of Birth: ");
mydate =,int(m),int(d))

Python program to shutdown and restart computer

import os;
check = input("Want to shutdown your computer ? (y/n): ");
if check == 'n':
    check = input("Want to restart your computer ? (y/n): ");
    if check == 'y':
        os.system("shutdown /r /t 1");
    os.system("shutdown /s /t 1");

Python program for reading an excel file

import xlrd
loc=("your own excel path with double slash at drive name like C:\\")
wb = xlrd.open_workbook(loc)
sheet = wb.sheet_by_index(0)
print ("The value of Row 0 and Column 0 is", sheet.cell_value(0, 0))
print("No of Rows in the current sheet is",sheet.nrows)
print("No of Columns in the current sheet is",sheet.ncols)
print("Extracting all columns name in the current sheet")
for i in range(sheet.ncols):
    print(sheet.cell_value(0, i))
print("Extracting first column in the current sheet")
for i in range(sheet.nrows):
    print(sheet.cell_value(i, 0))
print("Extracting rowwise content in the current sheet")
for i in range(sheet.nrows):

Python programt for finding ports opened in the website domain

import socket;
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
result = sock.connect_ex(('', port number))
if result == 0:
   print ("Port is open")
   print ("Port is not open")