App For Download File from URL

from tkinter import *

from tkinter import messagebox

from PIL import ImageTk, Image

import tkinter.font as font

import requests

import re

import validators

import os

from urllib.parse import urlparse

root = Tk()

root.title("Download File from URL")

icon = PhotoImage(file='image.png')

root.iconphoto(False, icon)

root.minsize(600, 500)

root.maxsize(600, 500)

HEIGHT = 500

WIDTH = 500

FONT = font.Font(family="Comic Sans MS", size="10", weight="bold")

canvas = Canvas(root, height=HEIGHT, width=WIDTH)


background_image = ImageTk.PhotoImage("image.jpg"))

background_label = Label(root, image=background_image), relheight=1)

frame = Frame(root, bg="yellow", bd=5), rely=0.1, relwidth=0.80, relheight=0.25, anchor="n")

label_up = Label(frame), relheight=1)

label1 = Label(frame, text="Enter the URL", font=FONT, bd=5,

               bg="#fc034e", highlightbackground="#d9138a", fg="black"), rely=0.1, relwidth=0.25, relheight=0.25)

label2 = Label(frame, text="Enter Filename", font=FONT, bd=5,

               bg="#fc034e", highlightbackground="#d9138a", fg="black"), rely=0.64, relwidth=0.25, relheight=0.25)

entry1 = Entry(frame, font=FONT, fg="#001a4d"), rely=0.1, relwidth=0.4, relheight=0.25)

entry2 = Entry(frame, font=FONT, fg="#001a4d"), rely=0.64, relwidth=0.4, relheight=0.25)

def download(url, name):

    valid = validators.url(url)

    if (valid != True):

        messagebox.showerror("Invalid URL", "URL is invalid")

    elif (url == ""):

        messagebox.showerror("No valid URL", "URL cannot be empty")


        response = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True)

        rhead = response.headers['Content-Type']

        if (canbedownloaded(rhead)):

            if (name == ""):

                a = urlparse(url)

                name = os.path.basename(a.path)

            file_data = rhead.split('/')

            ext = file_data[1]

            filename = name+'.'+ext

            open(filename, "wb").write(response.content)

            label_down['text'] = f"Your file {filename}\n has been downloaded successfully."


            label_down['text'] = "This file is invalid. It can not be downloaded."

def canbedownloaded(rhead):

    if 'text' in rhead.lower():

        return False

    if 'html' in rhead.lower():

        return False

    return True

def clear():

    entry1.delete(0, END)

    entry2.delete(0, END)

    label_down['text'] = ""

button1 = Button(root, text="DOWNLOAD", font=FONT, bg="pink", fg="black", activeforeground="pink",

                 activebackground="black", command=lambda: download(entry1.get(), entry2.get())), rely=0.4, relwidth=0.19, relheight=0.07)

button2 = Button(root, text="CLEAR", font=FONT, bg="pink", fg="black",

                 activeforeground="pink", activebackground="black", command=clear), rely=0.4, relwidth=0.19, relheight=0.07)

lower_frame = Frame(root, bg="yellow", bd=10), rely=0.53, relwidth=0.8,

                  relheight=0.25, anchor="n")

label_down = Label(lower_frame, font=FONT, fg="#001a4d",

                   anchor="nw", justify="left", bd=4), relheight=1)


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